Mytel highlights the importance of D-A-T-A and highlights the work of an innovative telecommunications operator

According to a recent study by KANTAR, Myanmar telecom operator Mytel is the most satisfied of the four telecom operators in the market. Nearly a year ago, at an official launch, Mytel introduced the definition of D-A-T-A to new digital and services; Modern technology; Defined as reliable, affordable, and versatile, Mytel, which aims to become a consumer-friendly operator, also clarified the importance of these factors. D-A-T-A is an acronym for the value of service that Mytel will provide to its customers in this age of technology.

Mytel will not only increase innovation, it will also develop strategies for digital transformation and provide a better user experience. Mytel is investing in strengthening its network infrastructure, and its 4G network, which covers nearly 330 townships, has made domestic connectivity easier and faster. Mytel provides digital solutions services such as Smart Elecommunication Solutions; Smart City Solutions; Network Security Solutions will also be provided. Aimed to bring new digital and digital services, Mytel will provide a full range of digital ecosystem services, from IT to high-speed technology.