VAS Track 2019 gives the US a chance to compete with international startups

Myanmar Telecom operator Mytel has announced the Viettel Advanced Solution Track (VAS Track 2019) competition hosted by Viiettel and Vietchallenge. The theme of the competition is “Creating New Truths” and aims to create a world-class product and service that combines the strengths of the telecommunications sector with current and future solutions to solve problems.

Viettel Advanced Solution Track (VAS Track 2019) hosted by Viiettel and Vietchallenge

The judging panel for the finals, which will be held in the United States, will be made up of renowned experts, including the CEO of Mark Cuban and the director of Koch Disruptive Technologies. Koch Industries, the second largest US-based private corporation with more than $ 100 billion in revenue, has pledged to invest in startups and become a world-class competition.